Copilotos sin Habilitación Portugalia

Minimum Requirements:

• Candidates must have a valid licence issued and accepted by ANAC (EASA-AirCrew Part-FCL);
• ATPL or Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), together with the Medical Certificate Class 1 and Multi-engine Instrument Rating;
• Fluent in Portuguese and English (minimum English language fluency ICAO level 4);
• Certificate of Completion of MCC – Training;
• Theoretical Knowledge Certificate;
• Minimum of 200 flight hours as First Officer;
• High School Grade 12;
• Basic computer skills;
• Not having been excluded in previous contests in Portugália Airlines, during the 12 months preceding the date of
application, in:
• aeronautical evaluation;
• psychological evaluation;
• Not having failed twice in contests for admission and/or technical course of pilot in Portugália Airlines.

Note: validity of application: 1 (one) year after the date of delivery of the documentation at Portugália Airlines. The application documents should be sent by email to:

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