6 Jun 2021

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Trabajo Aviación

Descripción del empleo

Job Purpose
The Synthetic Flight Instructor (SFI) is responsible for conducting ground school lectures and providing technical assistance to Flight Crew during Aircraft Transition and Aircraft Recurrent Technical training courses. In addition, the SFI will be required to conduct simulator training for transition, conversion and/or jet orientation and Multi-Crew Coordination (MCC) training.
Qualifications & Experience
Flight Operations.Other : 5+ Years 12 Years schooling or equivalent Knowledge/skills: – Hold or have held a professional Pilots license issued by the GCAA, ICAO or professional license acceptable to the GCAA. – Previous instructional experience as a Flight Crew Technical Instructor or Synthetic Flight Instructor or Flight Instructor. – Have at least 1500 hours flying experience as a Pilot on a Multi-Pilot Aircraft. – Have previously conducted Flight Crew Training.
Salary & Benefits
Join us in a management role and enjoy an attractive tax-free salary. On top of our generous travel benefits, including discounted flights and hotel stays around the world, this managerial role also has an excellent leave and healthcare package. That’s on top of transport benefits, life insurance and more.

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