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28 Ene 2019

TRE/TRI/SFE/SFI/FI/GI Flight Instructor – CRI / IRI

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Job offer for instructors with CRI and IRI qualifications or those who meet the requirements for CRI and IRI courses.

One Air E-ATO 190 located in Malaga, looking for flight instructors FI(A) with license privileges to impart multi-engine and instrument instruction.

* If you have minimum requirements to be able to take the IRI and CRI courses, you can also access this job offer (IRI and CRI courses would be paid by the One Air subject to conditions).

* Applicants that are close to the minimum necessary requirements can also be considered.

Minimum requirements for FI(A) instructors to access IRI / CRI courses:

IRI: Have at least a total of 200 flight hours under instrumental flight rules (IR) of which up to 50 in FNPT II.

CRI: Have a total of 500 flight hours of which 30 must have been as PIC in a multi-engine aircraft.

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Tel: +34 951 211 333

See working conditions: All monthly bonuses are cumulative up to a net total limit of up to €4,000 per month.



  1. Contracting, labour administration and social security expenses payable by One Air, therefore all salaries laid out in the payment structure are net salaries.
  1. PRIVATE health insurance included.
  1. 5 work days and 2 rest days per week.
  1. Revalidation of all ratings at One Air at no cost and without contractual obligations (SEP, IR, MEP, FI, IRI, CRI, FI-FI, MCCI).
  1. Seniority Bonuses: Every 4 years and by seniority, a seniority bonus of €200 / month will be established to add to the salary established according to each pay level. The seniority bonus is applicable to all instructors, from restricted FI to CFI provided that seniority has been acquired continuously. In this way, those instructors who remain in the organisation are rewarded.
  1. Holidays: All national and local holidays will be days off for instructors as well as one month of vacation (August 14 to September 1) and Christmas (December 21 to January 7) for all instructors at our school.
  1. Salary with MONTHLY NET BASE of €1,750 + BONUSES. (If a FI-FI rating is held €1,800 + Bonuses)
  1. Monthly Bonuses:

€5 / hour for each hour of multi-engine aircraft or FNPT II simulator that will be added to the net salary.

Plus 70/2019 productivity: €350 Bonus when you reach the 70th hour between the FNPT II simulator and the twin-engine plane (Block Time). To gain access to the bonus, a minimum of 10 hours of twin-engine (Block Time) must have been completed.

Plus 90/2019 productivity: €350 additional bonus upon reaching the 90th hour between the FNPT II simulator and twin-engine aircraft (Block Time). To gain access to the bonus, a minimum of 20 hours of twin-engine (Block Time) must have been made.

Bonus of €60 for additional working days. For scheduling needs, and as long as the instructor agrees, up to 4 extra days per month can be worked.

Instructor of the Month Bonus: For the instructor who has logged the most hours at school each month. The minimum total hours to be performed will be 100 total (between theoretical, simulator and flight). The instructor of the month will receive an extra €250 bonus.

  • Note: All monthly bonuses are cumulative with the net monthly base up to a total net limit of €4,000 per month.


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