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25 Mar 2021

Copiloto Ukrainian helicopters hiring MI17 pilots

+380675021864 – Publicado por Anna Chernobrovkyna

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Our website www.ukrcopter.com can give much broader information.

We require pilots and flight engineers with previous experience on this type and license.

email me g.chornobrovkyna@ukrcopter.com or whats up +380675021864

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We work for UNO missions (Mainly - search and rescue and med.evac missions, and a few humanitarian cargo, passenger transportation missions) in Africa. The work period in mission can be from 3 to 4 months and then follows a stand-by from 2 to 3 months. Before each rotation (deployment) you are required to come to Kiev for 1-1.5 week to prepare for your rotation and each time after you return from Africa – you are required to stay in Kiev 3 days before going home. This time is deducted from your stand-by time. During the off-duty time you stay at your home country. Tickets there and back are provided by us. During your first year you will have initial training during this period a salary is paid as in stand-by mode. In the same time – there will be some procedures, like obtaining work permit, work visa and residence permit. Initial training lasting from 1,5 to 2,5 months (based on whether you have interruption of operations on type or not) is obligatory for obtaining a license in Ukrainian CA. (During the training you will have recurrent classes on main aviation disciplines as well as learn equipment of our helicopters. Also, you would need to pass ICAO English here as it is required by our CAA) Type and duration of the contract - labor contract can be concluded minimum for 5 years with a possibility of extension Insurance - a health insurance is covered by the company for the whole year round The remuneration consists of two parts - basic salary (2,150USD) and additional payment. Basic salary is payed while on training, on shift. Basic salary + additional payment is paid while on rotation. Currently we have 3-4 months rotations twice a year. Additional payment depends on your level of English (see the columns in the contract). Off-duty time = stand-by (time when you stay at your home country) is not paid.   Below are the ranges if IELTS is at higher level (pilots – 5.5, FE – 4.5).
  • PIC from 6,548USD+2,150USD to 10,025USD+2,150USD
  • SIC from 5,579USD+2,150USD to 6,548USD+2,150USD
  • FE from 5,529USD+2,150USD to 6,548USD+2,150USD

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